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Ricoh introduces the new large format UV flatbed printer Ricoh Pro TF6250. This printer is suitable for end users who are engaged in printing graphics, or focus on decoration and signs. Because of the speed delivered, the printer must improve the productivity of end users in particular.

The Ricoh Pro TF6250 is relatively compact with a size of 2.5 by 1.3 metres. It helps sign & display and graphics companies in different industry sectors to be more productive. The Ricoh Pro TF6250 is good for printing industrial decorations, interiors and packaging, as well as screen and personalized printing.

Fast and precise printing

Ricoh designed the Pro TF6250 printer with the same size as the Ricoh Pro T7210. The printer is therefore equipped with drop-on-demand print heads for high print quality and fast printing. The Ricoh Pro TF6250 also works with more productive print sets that offer a wider colour range than the T7210. At the touch of a button, the print buttons are automatically cleaned.

The now launched professional printer has a production speed of up to 64.6 m2/h and a flatbed architecture. That means the printer is holding the media lying on the table. The printing system moves above the table and can handle substrates up to 110 millimetres thick. Built-in LED technology keeps power consumption low and also ensures that printed materials dry as quickly as possible. This is done at a low temperature, so that the thin substrates do not melt or warp.

Finally, the Ricoh Pro TF6250 is equipped with registration pens that help to print as accurately as possible. There are four separate vacuum zones that hold media in place. The printheads are also equipped with a sensor that ensures high accuracy.


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