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Lenovo’s new hybrid workforce PC accessories lineup includes a new wireless mouse and power bank.

This week, Lenovo announced a new sub-brand that unites a range of purpose-built PC accessories. The company says their new “Lenovo Go,” line of products provide better mobile productivity .

The new products target a hybrid workforce within an ecosystem that works better together, according to Lenovo.

The first two products in this lineup are the Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank and Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse. These new offerings aim to reduce “power anxiety” and provide an easy input method to multiple devices.

Addressing the permanent systemic changes caused by COVID

Lenovo’s Future of Work and Digital Transformation study revealed that 83 percent of businesses expect to work remote at least half the time.

Moreover, 60 percent of employees are happy to embrace the change.

As more and more businesses adopt remote working policies, the attention turns to the technology that must enable effective collaboration, Lenovo says.

Technology should also boost individual performance and productivity and maximize engagement and motivation. Lenovo Go aims to deliver tools that efficiently bridge the gap between office.

Lenovo Go claims to be a collection of “human-inspired” products that are built upon user insights. The company says thry will focus on helping people work productively, anytime and anywhere. The sub-brand will offer a suite of accessories that address the most common pain points of flexible working.

“Research shows that 20 percent of small business employees surveyed lack the tech tools to successfully work remotely,” said Eric Yu, senior vice president of Lenovo’s global SMB, Visuals and Accessories, Intelligent Devices Group.

“These user insights are what inspired our vision for the new Lenovo Go line of accessories,” Lu continued. He said that the new line aims to “empower the employee experience through smarter accessories that enable people to thrive in a work-from-anywhere world.”