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Lenovo announced the next generation of its series of entry-level desktop workstations. They include the ThinkStation P350 Tower, Small Form Factor (SFF), and Tiny.

The three offerings have technology upgrades and are equipped to support PCIe Gen 4 for faster access to the best storage technologies, as well as professional graphics support. This generation of desktop workstations may be Lenovo’s most powerful entry-level offerings.

The machines deliver a complete package of size options that can be scaled across many industries and respective workflows, in engineering, architecture, finance, and other environments.

A dynamic experience

Users will enjoy a versatile, ISV-certified, and dynamic experience at a size that suits their needs and environments. The ThinkStation P350 Tower and SFF sport the latest high-performance technology, including Intel Core and Xeon processors, supporting upgrades of up to 11th Gen Intel Core or Intel Xeon W processors.

For mission-critical tasks that need reliability and power, the SFF and Tower are good options, since they also have NVIDIA RTX professional graphics. The Tower can be upgraded up to an NVIDIA RTX A5000 graphics card.

The tower chassis comes with a 500W power supply, with a new 750W PSU option for high-end GPU users with complicated workflows.

Small but powerful

The ThinkStation P350 Tiny is the smallest workstation, measuring less than 1L, with powerful performances within a form factor 96% smaller than the traditional desktop.

The machine is powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors and is uniquely suited to enable OEM solutions.

It can also be used as the host for local remote workstation power. With options like these, smaller businesses and buyers looking for better performance can upgrade their machines, with great space usage and the ability to scale up without breaking the bank.