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Google announced the early access launch of a new cloud-first operating system built for businesses and schools named Chrome OS Flex. It is said to have an easy installation process on PC and Macs. As networks become older, hardware management can get difficult and problematic, especially when you factor in that one has to consider both operating system and security updates.

As time goes on, computers have started to feel overwhelmed, given how demanding software has gotten. Chromebooks, which leverage the Chrome OS, don’t suffer from this as much as other devices do.

Devices with x86 architecture from the last 13 years are eligible

The elements that make the Chromebook work come together in the new operating system with added enterprise-level administration, especially when there are many devices.

Chrome OS has only been available to Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and related devices. Now, however, even computers made in the last 13 years with the x86 architecture can join the Chrome OS Flex ecosystem with ease. Users only need to plug in a USB stick with the installer and boot from it. They can then log into Chrome OS Flex and start using the system or test it on their devices.

Flex is fast

Users on Flex will enjoy a consistent experience that looks and feels like any other Chrome OS device, meaning Chromebook users will find the interface familiar. With a boot time that takes seconds, users get quick access to the OS and the Chrome browser built into the OS.

The use cases for Chrome OS Flex are expanded because the team behind CloudReady developed it. They used CloudReady to help Nordic Choice Hotels recover after a ransomware attack on Dec 1 by transitioning them to Chrome OS in record time.