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New Chrome feature cuts back on CPU usage to prolong battery life

New Chrome feature cuts back on CPU usage to prolong battery life

Google’s testing a feature called ‘Quick Intensive Throttling’ that decreases CPU load by 10 percent to lengthen the battery life of laptops and mobile devices.

An option named ‘Intensive Wake Up Throttling’ was added by Google in Chrome 87 to stop JavaScript from waking up a tab more than once every minute after it has been paused and hidden for more than five minutes. Google discovered that the adjustment lowered CPU usage and increased battery life by more than an hour on some devices.

According to About Chromebooks, Google is currently experimenting with a new feature dubbed ‘Quick Intensive Timer Throttling’. The feature shortens the grace period from five minutes to only ten seconds, allowing suspended tabs to rapidly lower CPU usage and prolong battery life.

How to activate the feature

The new feature is being tested in Chrome Canary and Dev versions. Using the steps below, you can test the new functionality by running a command.

  • Install Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev’s most recent version.
  • Enter chrome:/flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading in the address bar of Chrome Canary or Developer.
  • When prompted, enable ‘Quick intensive throttling after loading’ and restart Chrome.

You should notice that Chrome uses less CPU and energy after activating Quick Intensive Throttling.

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