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Just under 20 percent of all Windows PCs are running on Windows 11. Market research by AdDuplex underscores that adoption is accelerating.

AdDuplex uses agents to monitor the operating systems of about 5,000 Windows PCs. The survey results are presented monthly.

Last month, Windows 11 21H2 — the only live version of Windows 11 — ran on just under 20 percent of the PCs surveyed. A substantial rise from January, when Windows 11 ran on roughly 15 percent of the PCs.

The adoption of Windows 11 is getting along. Between October 2021 and November 2021 — the first month of Windows 11 — only three percent of all Windows 10 users opted for the new operating system. At this time, the number of new users is growing at about five percent per month.

The move from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is drastic. Most users are waiting for reviews, an update, or a quiet moment to make the switch. Now, the dust has settled, and adoption is gradually rising.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2

We expect a significant increase from the moment Microsoft launches the first major update for Windows 11. There have been no updates for the live version of Windows 11 yet.

Microsoft insiders recently revealed that the organization is working on ‘Sun Valley 2’, the name for the first major update. The release date is unknown. Several analysts expect a release in June or July of this year. From then on, Windows 11 adoption promises to rise sharply.