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Jamf introduces Jamf Fundamentals

Jamf introduces Jamf Fundamentals

The new plan aims to help SMBs manage and secure their devices.

This week, Jamf announced the release of Jamf Fundamentals, a new plan built for the unique needs of small-midsized businesses. The solution combines Jamf’s mobile device management (MDM) technology with new capabilities for protecting, connecting, and empowering an organization’s end users, Jamf says. It offers malware prevention, password sync, and Self Service functionality for Mac. The package also has the ability to deploy any iPad and iPhone app, custom profiles and macOS packages. Jamf says that all these features are designed for simplicity so no additional training is required.

Jamf aims to help organizations fill the gap between what Apple provides and the enterprise requires. The Fundamentals offering is the most simple and complete solution for small-midsized businesses that are growing, they say. It helps these companies to manage the entire Apple ecosystem while solving pain points around deployment, user access, and security.

In addition to supporting the Apple MDM framework, Jamf Fundamentals provides “the most complete yet simple IT solution” for small-midsized businesses needing to manage and protect their Apple ecosystem. Moreover, it does this while securely providing access for employees who need to simply get work done.

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Manage devices with a “seamless and intuitive interface”

Jamf Fundamentals combines the core MDM capabilities of Jamf Now with other powerful features so administrators can simply manage their organization’s devices, the company says.

“Jamf Fundamentals was created with growing businesses in mind, to create efficiency in the everyday life of business operations through data security, remote management and support. By providing the tools needed to go beyond mobile device management we can help small and medium sized businesses that need more than basic mobile device management,” said Nick Amundsen, senior vice president of strategy, Jamf. “Jamf is the only platform available that will empower these organizations to truly scale with the entire Apple ecosystem, and solve pain points around deployment, user access, management and security.”