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Phillips launches new multi-utility monitors

Phillips launches new multi-utility monitors

The new monitors are expected to help the electronics manufacturer keep up with recent consumer trends.

The Phillips 5000 series have been one of the most popular monitor choices for millions of consumers worldwide, helping the company remain a relevant household name in the 21st Century.

Philips is now introducing the 27 and 24E1N5300HE monitors to remain a leader in this segment. As their name suggests, they have 27-inch and 24-inch panels, which utilize IPS technology to produce the image for the user.

About the new monitors

The new monitors have incorporated new features in tune with consumer demands. For instance, due to the rising popularity of remote work and online meetings, they have a 5MP webcam with a noise-cancelling microphone built into them.

Phillips has also promised their new products are the next step in monitor technology, with high-performance and high-quality Crystal-clear QHD (2560 x 1440) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) screens on the 27 and 24E1N5300HE respectively. These stats offer crystal-clear images and bright colors.

Artem Khomenko, Senior Product Manager for Europe at MMD Monitors & Displays, explained:

“The Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE monitors are the ideal choices for people who want it all – in a clean design. Whether working from home, surfing the web or relaxing with a game or a movie, these models enable users to do more, achieve more and enjoy more.”

Additional features

It also has USB-C one-cable connectivity to appeal to users of all demographics for enhanced accessibility. The new EasySelect menu on the monitors makes it easy for consumers to make any needed adjustments quickly.

Moreover, they feature in-built stereos to further contribute to the monitors’ immersive experience. Lastly, the monitors have been built to be reliable, with a long service life making them ideal for businesses and educational institutes.

Phillips has announced both models will be available from mid-June, starting at £379 and £269 for the 27-inch and 24-inch monitors, respectively.