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Synology launches the DVA1622, a NAS for video surveillance. Its software recognizes faces and objects with AI. This allows users to receive alerts whenever a person or object moves.

Synology designed the model for small businesses and consumers, as illustrated by its price. The first webshops are selling the model for roughly €660. Storage capacity is limited to two drives, but storage isn’t the focus. The NAS provides AI surveillance.

The DVA1622 runs on Surveillance Station 9.0, Synology’s video surveillance software. After connecting one or multiple camera’s, imagery is analyzed in real-time. The software recognizes faces, objects, and motion. You get to decide when the software sends alerts, starts recording or sounds the alarm. For example, whenever an object leaves a room or an unknown person enters the premises.

The technology is called Deep Video Analytics (DVA). DVA has been supported in Surveillance Station for years. However, availability has been limited. DVA depends on an adequate GPU or CPU. Synology has several models with suitable GPUs and CPUs, but most of the prices are too high for an average small business. That changes with the arrival of DVA1622.

Synology DVA1622

The model features an HDMI input and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 inputs for connecting surveillance cameras and displays. Video recordings can also be sent over a network using HTTPS. Resultingly, the software displays up to 16 camera streams. Two of the streams can be analyzed in real-time.

The model is similar to the DVA3221 (2019). This NAS has more memory, four bays and an impressive GPU. This allows for 12 simultaneous stream analyses. Nevertheless, the price is higher as well, while most small businesses only need a few streams. Hence, the DVA1622 is a welcome option.

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