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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro. The Android 12 tablet is resistant to dust, water, drops and extreme temperatures.

The model will be generally available later this year. The Active4 Pro succeeds the Active3 Pro. Each tablet in the series is designed to withstand rough circumstances. Samsung tailors the tablets to frontline employees in construction, retail, healthcare and logistics.

The Active3 Pro was launched in 2020. Its components have become somewhat dated. Modern processors run faster, batteries last longer and Android got several updates. The components of the Active4 Pro were modernized.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro

The model runs on a processor with eight cores. 5G and wifi 6 are supported. The screen size totals 10.1 inches. Near Field Communication (NFC) allows users to employ the tablet as a PIN device. The battery is replaceable and supports fast charging.

The model weighs roughly 675 grams. Like its predecessors, the tablet was tested for dust, water, temperature and drop resistance. A fall from 1 meter high won’t cause damage.

Features for frontline staff

The model runs on Android 12. To make the tablet more attractive to professionals, Samsung integrated several business features. Key Mapping allows users to set up physical keyboard shortcuts for frequently used apps. The sensitivity of the touch display is adjustable to support users wearing gloves. The maximum volume is above average, allowing employees to hear notifications in noisy environments.


The upcoming model has 126GB of storage capacity and a suggested retail price of 829 euros. The model will be generally available in Europe later this year. Security updates are provided for five years. Operating system updates stop after three years.

Tip: Oppo Reno 8 Pro will be available in Europe from August 31 onwards