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Logitech launches its first mechanical keyboard optimized for Mac. The MX Mechanical Mini comes with Mac-specific keycaps and lighter colours.

As the MX Mechanical Mini‘s name implies, it’s a smaller and tweaked edition of an earlier mechanical keyboard released by Logitech at the beginning of 2022. The launch includes several other Mac accessories, including the Lift for Mac ergonomic mouse, MX Master 3S for Mac mouse and K380 Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac.

The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac removes the Alt and Windows keys present on the original MX Mechanical Mini, leaving only the macOS Command and Option keys optimized for Mac. According to Logitech’s Delphine Donn√©, the keyboard is available in dark gray and light gray color schemes, striving to deliver a “consistent design aesthetic” when used with Mac computers.

MX Mechanical Mini

The keyboard lacks a shortcut for opening macOS’s Mission Control along with the limitation of low-profile tactile switches, with no indication of the clicky or linear switch options previously accessible in the cross-platform version.

Another difference is that the Mac-specific accessories are only Bluetooth-enabled and don’t offer wireless USB dongles, affecting their versatility. One of the reasons for this is that the company is still transitioning to USB Type C.

Just like the mechanical keyboard, the K380 Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac has Mac-specific keys with a blue colour option. On the contrary, the Mac-specific characteristics of the Lift for Mac ergonomic mouse and the MX Master 3S for Mac are only available in a light gray color. Their ergonomics resemble Logitech’s existing models.

All four Mac-focused accessories are expected to be available by October for the same price as their existing models. The Lift for Mac will be priced at $70, the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac will be priced at $150, the MX Master 3S for Mac at $100 and the K380 for Mac at $40.

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