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Synology introduced the DS923+, a NAS device for small businesses and home offices. Expectations are high. The model is the successor to the DS920+, one of the most popular systems ever produced by Synology.

The new DS923+ has four slots for up to 50TB of SSD capacity. An optional expansion unit (DX517) allows for a total of nine drives and 120TB of SSD capacity. The capacity is more than sufficient for backup and general storage applications among small businesses.

Unlike Synology’s high-end models, the DS923+ wasn’t designed for large-scale virtualization and other corporate applications. Synology designed the model for small businesses and home offices. The recommended retail price is €635 (including VAT).

Synology DS923+

The model can be seen as the successor to the DS920+ from 2020. The price of the DS920+ was similar to the DS923+ at launch. In terms of hardware, Synology opted for a new approach.

Over the past decade, the product series has been characterized by processors from Intel. With the DS923+, Synology chose AMD. The new model runs on an AMD Embedded Ryzen R1600 CPU.

The CPU’s performance is adequate. The AMD Embedded Ryzen R1600 has two cores and a clock speed of 2.6Ghz. The four-thread architecture allows the CPU to be distributed across multiple workloads.

The downside is that the CPU does not include an integrated graphics card, unlike the Intel processors of previous models. This means that graphics-intensive workloads will require more power from the CPU.

The average user is unlikely to notice the difference. Few businesses specifically buy a NAS device to handle graphics-intensive workloads. Most just want to collaborate with shared files and produce backups. The processor is more suitable than its predecessors for these purposes.


All in all, the model is a great foundation for most of Synology’s software applications. ‘Drive’ allows users to easily connect devices from multiple locations in a storage environment. ‘Active Backup Suite’ provides all the necessities for backups and recovery. ‘Surveillance Station’ allows users to store surveillance footage and deploy the NAS device for AI image analysis.

These are just a few of the applications in the total offering of DSM, Synology’s operating system. The DS923+ is now available at partners and resellers.

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