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Linux Foundation working on RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE)

Linux Foundation working on RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE)

The Linux Foundation is working on RISE, a software ecosystem for RISC-V software. The goal entails expediting the availability of software for powerful and energy-efficient RISC-V cores. This enables the running of advanced operating systems across various market segments. A stellar group of founding members has already pledged their support. This includes industry heavyweights such as Google, Intel, MediaTek, Nvidia, Qualcomm Technologies, Red Hat, and Samsung.

The emergence of RISC-V, an open and unrestricted instruction set architecture, has not gone unnoticed. It is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. RISC-V is enticing major technology vendors to veer away from the conventional x86 standard and Arm’s IP. Instead, they may opt to forge their own specialized processors while sidestepping the burden of exorbitant licensing fees.

However, Intel’s involvement in this new collaborative effort and other RISC-V initiatives may be attributed to their current predicaments and steadfast hope of establishing a flourishing foundry business rather than genuine enthusiasm for the technology.

The players excited to participate

Mark Skarpness, the Vice President and General Manager of System Software Engineering at Intel, emphasized the importance of accelerating RISC-V support within the open-source software ecosystem. In addition, it is important to align it with platform standards to fuel the widespread adoption of this groundbreaking technology.

Skarpness expressed Intel’s satisfaction in joining forces with other industry leaders through establishing RISE, as it advances the shared objective.

The Linux Foundation Europe affirms that project members will contribute their engineering expertise and financial backing to address specific software requirements. This is outlined by the project’s esteemed steering committee.

An exciting journey into the future

Gabriele Columbro, the General Manager of Linux Foundation Europe, emphasized that the RISE Project enables RISC-V in open-source tools and libraries, such as LLVM and GCC. This should expedite implementation and reduce time-to-market.

Columbro expressed great pride in offering a neutral and trusted home for the RISE Project under the auspices of the Linux Foundation Europe. This is especially important considering RISC-V’s pivotal role in shaping Europe’s technological and industrial landscape.

The launch of the RISE project ushers in a new era of collaboration and innovation. Industry leaders are joining forces to foster the growth and integration of RISC-V technology within the software ecosystem.

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