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Visual Studio 17.8 already available in Preview form

Visual Studio 17.8 already available in Preview form

Microsoft has already released a preview of version 17.8. The timing is remarkable since Visual Studio 17.7 has only just become available. Again, this version has several new features.

Microsoft didn’t waste any time and released the first preview for successor v17.8 just after the general release of Visual Studio 17.7. The new features in these latest versions should help users of the development tool perform their daily tasks.

Among other things, Visual Studio gets the ability to pull requests directly as a reviewer within Visual Studio for both Azure DevOps and GitHub. Summary review will also become available in the ‘diffing’ experience. This allows a quick way to see changes and provides a few lines of code for context.

Additional features

In addition, the repository limit is now increased from ten to fifteen for developers using multi-repository properties. Search and replace now allows the search query to be retained for every match in the code, which makes replacing words much easier. In addition, the feature preserves the formatting of a word; a word with a capital letter, for example, will get a capital letter again when replaced.

The diagnostics screen has received an update with the .NET Counter tool. Developers can now use this tool to monitor and analyze performance data.

Also, in v17.8 of Visual Studio, it will soon be possible to create new templates for React TypeScript projects and for combined React TypeScript and ASP.NET projects.

IntelliTest in preview

Furthermore, IntelliTest is now in preview, allowing developers to generate test suites for .NET code. Finally, there are now code snippets for the Unreal Engine, additional information can be requested for feature generation and hints for size and alignment.

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