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OpenAI is about to announce updates to ChatGPT at its developer conference. A new leak suggests a firm commitment to simplifying chatbot building.

Just before the start of the OpenAI DevDay, the ChatGPT maker’s future plans seem to be out on the street via The Decoder. For example, during the developer conference, the Gizmo tool would be unveiled. This tool will give developers tools to create and manage custom chatbots.

Part of Gizmo, according to the leak, is a “Magic Creator,” which helps build a chatbot. It is a way to build chatbots via chat. The Magic Creator provides an interactive interface for defining a chatbot, testing it and customizing chatbot behavior.

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Features Gizmo

Gizmo is said to have some basic chatbot generation features. It provides a draft environment, to save and share chatbots that a user builds. Within the environment, it is also possible to publish final versions of a chatbot. The Decoder also talks about basic tools for “web browsing, image generation, etc.”

Within Gizmo will be a Sandbox environment where users can import, test and customize existing chatbots. The custom actions feature then allows users to define additional functionality for the chatbot using OpenAI specifications. Additional files can also be added, which a chatbot can use as a reference.

Additionally, OpenAI reportedly plans to let Gizmo show analytics on chatbot usage data. Through a marketplace, users can search for chatbots that have already been built and share their own chatbots as well.

Workspace and team subscription

During DevDay, OpenAI is also likely to unveil a new subscription for businesses: Team Plan. This subscription offers unlimited fast access to the GPT-4 model and unlimited use of the Advanced Data Analytics model. In addition, chat templates can be shared and data is not used for training purposes. It is unclear what pricing model OpenAI would have in mind for Europe.

Interestingly, the leak also talks about a workspace feature. Namely, this would separate personal and work-related chats. It also offers the ability to define functions and departments.

Microsoft 365 and Google Drive

OpenAI reportedly further plans to let ChatGPT make connections with new applications. The “context connectors” should achieve integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. This would allow ChatGPT to use new information during a chat, adding context to conversations. Potentially, this sounds like a feature that will give ChatGPT more options for using company information.

The context connectors will also be able to add documents, spreadsheets and presentations to chats.

The OpenAI DevDay keynote will take place tonight at 7 p.m. European time. Then we will find out what tools and features OpenAI will actually introduce.