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Windows Server 2025 appears to be getting a ‘sudo’ feature similar to Linux. This will still give users with low privileges ‘super user’ privileges for certain commands. This is evidenced by a leaked new Insider Preview build for the upcoming version of Windows Server.

From the leaked Windows Server 2025 Insider preview build, writes Windows Latest, it appears that the server version may get this “Superuser Do (sudo)” feature in its upcoming release.

The feature is a well-known Linux console command, where users with low privileges for certain commands can still get higher privileges. This is usually done on the basis of root access.

This has helped Linux servers stay secure because, under normal circumstances, it should already scale up users with low privileges when they run certain commands.

More details Windows Server feature

More details in the leaked Windows Server 2025 Insider preview build show that the possible “sudo” feature is still only available in developer mode and does not yet work from a command line.

However, some characteristics have already been discovered that show how the feature might work in the future. For example, a new Windows menu has appeared, with the “input disabled” setting in a non-interactive shell or “inline in the current Windows screen”.

Een screenshot van het Windows Defender-systeem voor ontwikkelaars.

Also for Windows 11?

The ‘sudo’ feature may not be only for Windows Server 2025. The feature may also be rolled out to an upcoming version of Windows 11, according to Windows Latest.

The sudo feature is currently an experimental feature. It is never certain if the experiments Microsoft adds in its Insider builds ever make it to production status.

Last week, the tech giant launched its first Windows Server 2025 Insider preview build for the general public.

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