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Spotlight Developer Platform aims to optimize cloud-native development by establishing an internal developer portal (IDP).

Solo.io bases Spotlight Developer Platform on Spotify’s Backstage platform. Backstage is used to create developer portals, tools that are becoming increasingly popular within the development community. IDPs incorporate the routines of a development team. From Spotlight, developers can access services, software components and tools to support the software development lifecycle. “With Spotlight Developer Platform, Solo.io addresses the complexity that comes with scaling development and operations in cloud-native environments,” Solo.io said.

To support this, it allows API specifications, documentation and tools to be housed in the Spotlight service catalog. That way, developers can quickly find the right tools for their work. In addition, Solo.io has built a CI/CD integration to facilitate software releases via pipelines.

Because Spotlight is based on the Backstage platform, users can also use the Spotify framework’s plugin ecosystem. Backstage is now a CNCF project, which also contributes to the community’s further development and growth.

Cloud-native development

Solo.io targets very large companies that embrace cloud-native development with Spotlight. Supporting any Kubernetes environment (cloud or on-premises), Spotlight contributes to cloud-native development. In addition, to meet the security requirements of large enterprises, Spotlight features an insights engine. This provides feedback on best practices, security and more to optimize operations. Finally, the IDP allows companies to create a central hub for enforcing zero-trust authentication and authorization policies.

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