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Microsoft Visual Studio will be equipped with dozens of new features and updates in the coming months. This is evident from a recently published roadmap with a step-by-step overview of the most important changes, as planned, from October 2018 to March 2019.

The software vendor has responded to a number of wishes and suggestions from the developer community and made it part of the Visual Studio Roadmap. For example, multi-monitor dots per inch (DPI) provide a more clear picture and speeds up the loading time by moving a number of functions to the background.

Xamarin developers get additional features like Xamarin.Forms 4.0 templates and tooling support, and Xamarin will be added. Android Designer improvements with initial support for constraint-lay-outs and Android API 29 will be supported from now on.

Additional features

Python developers get a full debugging, an interactive window and IntelliSense experience in Open Folder. It will also be possible to automatically top up when debugging Python Flask and Django apps.

In addition, the WinForms and WPF development tooling is updated with .NET Core 3, in addition to Test Explorer being updated to deliver better performance for large numbers of tests. It also includes the ability to add SQL Azure databases, storage accounts, Application Insights and Key Vault to Azure App Service instances, support for running .NET Unit Tests on projects targeting more than one .NET framework, and extends support for third-party test frameworks to integrate with Real Time Test Discovery.

Visual Studio 2019

Last summer, Microsoft announced that it was working on Visual Studio 2019. The new version should redeem Visual Studio 2017, which has been available since March 2017.

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