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Google wants the search results of images to be more useful. The company tries to achieve this by adding Lens to the search engine. The image recognition service, powered by artificial intelligence, should provide much better results.

Google finds since Lens launched in October 2017 was gradually becoming more and more new applications for the service. Initially, it belonged exclusively to the Pixel 2 smartphone, then to other Android devices and last March Google Photos. The functionality is now also available in the search engine.

Search by Objects

Product manager Assaf Broitman writes in a blog that Google is taking its time to add Lens to its search engine. Initially, only physical objects, such as furniture, can be searched for. But the rollout is a good sign and will eventually be possible for all possible images.

Lens makes visual searches very easy. All you have to do is press the Lens button and then mark the sofa, or draw around it. Google Images then gives you related information and images, writes Broitman. From there you could learn more about it or possibly buy something similar.

Only in the US

Lens is initially only available in the United States, for the mobile web version of Google Images. Below the images a new button can be seen, which activates the Lens functionality. In addition to furniture, the company also wants to add monuments, plants and other objects in the near future.

It is also the intention to roll out Lens to countries other than the United States in the near future. At the moment, the service only supports English, so there is a good chance that it will first be extended to English-speaking countries. Addition of other languages is also on Google’s list.

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