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Salesforce adds Javascript support to Lightning platform

Salesforce adds Javascript support to Lightning platform

Salesforce has announced to add Javascript support to the Lightning platform. Lightning is a platform for developing apps. The new Lightning Web Components is a standards-based programming model that allows developers to easily create reusable components with Javascript, reports ZDNet.

According to recent research, Javascript is the most popular programming language and is used in 95 percent of all websites. Lightning Web Components includes a standards-based component authoring format, as well as a compiler and rendering engine.

“We are constantly working on new ways to help our customers build and launch new products faster, and to innovate,” said Mike Rosenbaum, EVP of product at Salesforce. “Every time we launch a new feature on the platform, we see an acceleration of innovation in our customer base, and we are excited to see what our community of developers will do with Lightning Web Components.

Low code

The tool is part of a plan to offer a range of developer services. These include low code tools, so that companies do not have to take on new talents to build enterprise apps. In September, the company unveiled two new tools, called Lightning Object Creator and Lightning Flow Builder.

The Lightning Object Creator allows employees to turn company data spreadsheets into easy-to-navigate apps without any technical background. It allows end users to search files to find specific information and export data to other records on the Salesforce platform.

The Lightning Flow Builder contains more advanced features. The tool allows employees to use special automation workflows using ready-to-use Flow Actions made available by the company’s partners.

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