At the end of last year, several Firefox browser users reported that they were seeing advertisements in the desktop version. Now it appears that this is an experiment and that no data has been shared with the partner companies of Firefox mother Mozilla.

The Venture Beat site reports this on the basis of a spokesman for the company. This snippet was an experiment to offer more value to Firefox users through a partner offer, according to a Mozilla spokesman for the website. It wasn’t a paid ad. We are constantly looking for new ways to thank people for using Firefox.

Add value

For some time, Firefox users saw a small bar at the bottom of the browser’s New Tab page. In it, they were offered an Amazon gift card worth 20 dollars if they booked a hotel through Despite the fact that it was very reminiscent of an advertisement, it was not, according to Mozilla.

The company wants to make Firefox users more often of this kind of offers. Not only do they add value for Firefox users, in this way we can also support an open ecosystem. If users see this type of offer, no data is shared with a partner until the user chooses to connect with the partner company. We hope that this strategy sets a positive example.

Just an ad

Although Mozilla states that it is not an advertisement, it does of course look like one. On the site of there is even a page dedicated to this collaboration with Mozilla. In addition, it looks more like an advertisement than Mozilla does.

For the advertisement, the company uses the snippet function. So far, they have mainly been used to provide tips so that users can use Firefox better. By default they are enabled, but it is possible to disable them within the settings menu.

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