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Commvault expands possibilities for various public clouds

Commvault expands possibilities for various public clouds

Business backup specialist Commvault Systems has released a new release of its cloud-based data protection platform. In the latest edition a lot of functionality has been added for, among others, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, ServiceNow and Oracle.

Specifically, the now added cloud and on-premise data management functionality should further simplify the use of the backup specialist’s cloud solutions. In addition, the improvements now released will make it even easier for users to protect, manage and move this data to and between the various (multi)cloud environments.

Public clouds

In the now released release, the data protection specialist focuses primarily on new functionality for three important public clouds. For example, the cloud data protection platform now allows users to back up, perform recovery operations, and migrate records in AWS databases such as DynamoDB and DocumentDM and in Redshift data management services.

In addition, it is now possible to migrate on-premise applications running on MSQL and Oracle SQL databases to Microsoft Azure. This allows these end users to further implement the benefits of Azure in their hybrid environments.

The third major public cloud now being addressed with the update is Alibaba Cloud. The latest release of the Commvault platform now allows VMware workloads to be changed, backed up and migrated to the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service. Again, this should further increase the flexibility of their hybrid cloud environments.

ServiceNow and Oracle

In addition to functionality for the three major public cloud environments mentioned above, the release of the data protection platform also offers further enhancements for further integration with ServiceNow‘s self-service platform. Specifically, Commvault users are now able to perform backups, recoveries, and migrations within the ServiceNow SaaS platform for a range of workloads. These include file systems, vm’s, MSQL Server workloads and other workloads from the ServiceNow catalog.

In addition, it is now possible to quickly convert Oracle Unix databases to Linux and vice versa. This makes it easier for customers to migrate these databases from on-premise to the (multi)cloud or to migrate Linux Oracle databases back to on-premise. Without the need for a business Oracle license, according to Commvault.

Administrative improvements

In order to keep all of this work on track, Commvault has also made some improvements to the user friendliness of the platform. For example, it is now easy for administrators of multiple Commvault environments to login only once instead of separately for each environment.

Furthermore, the Commvault Asset tool has been updated with scheduling functionality. This makes it possible to schedule at once when automatically generated audit reports need to be created.