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Microsoft launched an edge video analytics product for its public cloud Azure. This allows users to apply video analytics to edge devices connected to Azure quickly. Azure has also released several Azure solutions for virtual desktop environments.

With Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge, companies can analyse video in real-time on the edge computing device connected to Azure. For example, they can analyse images from cameras located on a factory floor, instead of transferring these images to the public cloud for analysis. With the platform, the tech giant focuses primarily on industrial, transport and retail applications.

AI brings added value

According to Microsoft, the added value that Azure offers in this respect is the application of AI functionality. This functionality enables companies to create their own AI models within Live Video Analytics to automate the analysis of images.

Active Directory Domain Services and Azure Files

In addition to the video analytics platform for its public cloud, the tech giant also released a solution for Azure that should help companies improve the creation of virtual desktop environments for employees. The solution integrates on-premises Active Directory Domain Services and Azure Files. It makes it easier for businesses to use the Azure public cloud to host virtual desktop environments.

Specifically, it provides the functionality of Active Directory Domain Services to manage user accounts in network environments with the public cloud’s managed Azure Files file storage service. The combination allows businesses to use their existing on-premises Active Directory deployment to authenticate employees using virtual desktops.