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AWS introduces a platform for business users to develop software and applications using low-code. The managed service Amazon Honeycode should help customers to develop applications without any knowledge of programming.

Low-code is becoming popular fast and AWS is trying to get a piece of the pie with the introduction of their own low-code platform. It means that the public cloud giant will now provide services that go beyond its public cloud infrastructure and platform services. Of course, AWS also wants to compete with its direct competitors Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Microsoft already offers a low-code application platform, Microsoft PowerApps, Google has AppSheet, which is less popular.

Amazon Honeycode

More specifically, the now introduced Amazon Honeycode is a fully managed service that enables business employees to develop mobile and web-based applications without much programming knowledge. As a result, they can quickly create these applications themselves, without being dependent on the real application developers.

Amazon Honeycode offers a set of templates for known use cases, including customer tracking, inventory management, to-do lists, surveys and planners. These simple applications can replace the widely used spreadsheets, says AWS.

Combination with AWS databases

The applications developed with Amazon Honeycode are especially suitable in combination with an underlying database. Because the development platform already runs on an AWS database, it is easy to link, filter and sort data. All this with a simple point-and-click interface. The data structure of the development platform is almost identical to that of a spreadsheet. That is why they can easily be replaced

Amazon Honeycode is now available in beta free of charge to 20 end users.