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ServiceNow expands the number of data centers in Europe

ServiceNow expands the number of data centers in Europe

ServiceNow opens two new European data centers, located in Dublin (Ireland) and Newport (United Kingdom). The expansion is intended to help customers solve Brexit problems, among other things.

Specifically, ServiceNow wants to use the two new data centers to enable European customers to speed up their digital transition processes. In addition, given the locations of the new data centers, they also want to help customers with the – currently unknown – consequences that the Brexit will have for their cloud-based environments. For example, the legitimacy of the GDPR or other compliance laws and regulations.

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Amsterdam-Dublin and London-Newport

The new data center in Dublin will form a pair with ServiceNow’s current data center in Amsterdam. All customers from the EU member states will soon be able to use these combined data centers for ServiceNow’s Advanced High Availability architecture and underlying services. The Amsterdam-Dublin pair recently went live.

Customers from the United Kingdom will soon be able to use ServiceNow’s services in the existing data center in London and later on in Newport. These interconnected data centers will be going live in the near future.

Global support

Worldwide, ServiceNow has a total of 11 ‘data center pairs’ on five continents. These are further supported by six global customer support locations. In this way, ServiceNow wants to ensure that it can assist customers worldwide in supporting digital transition processes.

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