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Blue Prism has released its Automation Lifecycle Suite. The package consists of several tools to find out where efficiency can be gained with automation, and help implement them.

The package consists of three tools: Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM), Process Assessment Tool (PAT) and Capture: Process Modeller.

Automation Lifecycle Management

ALM is a set of tools which companies can use to create an overview of their workflows. Users are guided through wizards to document the steps in their processes. The system also has some templates to base new workflows upon.

Process Assessment Tool

With PAT, companies can build a complete picture of their automation pipeline to see which digital workers can best be deployed on which steps. This should lead to further efficiency gains.

Capture: Process Modeller

Process Modeller takes the automation of building a workflow out of your hands. On the basis of, among other things, user input and screenshots, the software follows the steps that a workflow consists of and creates a Process Definition Document (PDD) based on these steps. An analyst can then look at the results and build a workflow from there.

Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Suite is now available via the Blue Prism Portal.

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