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Mendix has released version 9 of its eponymous low-code tool for application development. The new version introduces the Data Hub and a workflow editor.

Version 9 of the Mendix software was announced last September. At the announcement, Mendix put a lot of emphasis on the Data Hub. With the Data Hub, it must become easier for users to discover and analyse data and process it in their own applications. Both internal and external data sources are displayed as local sources, which makes them easy to integrate with the drag-and-drop interface of Mendix.

Workflow editor

The other major new feature in Mendix 9 is the workflow editor. With this editor, the low-code tools of Mendix can be applied to business process automation. The simple interface allows users to visualise their business processes and build a workflow that takes care of both manual and automatic actions. This should significantly reduce the time needed for these processes.

Both developers and end users can make use of the Mendix workflow tool. Developers can use an existing template and adapt it for their own purposes and end-users have access to workflow tasks within their application, which can all be managed from a central task manager. Within that task manager, a number of standard dashboards are available to track workflows.

PWA support, revamped Control Center and AI tips

There are also improvements for mobile app development. For example, there is now support for Progressive Web Apps, which can run on all devices based on the same code base. Furthermore, the Control Center has been revamped with a more complete overview of the users, applications and sources within Mendix. The Control Center now also features a new AI tool called the Mendix AI Performance Bot. This AI gives users tips for following best practices when designing their apps.

Finally, Mendix’s UI framework has been updated. Atlas 3.0 provides a standard design that aims to streamline the process of designing applications for the web, for mobile or PWA.

Mendix 9 is now available. Existing subscribers can start working with the new features after an automatic update.

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