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QNAP Systems announced the release of its QTS 5.0 Beta, the company’s latest NAS operating system. QTS 5.0 has made improvements by adding Linux kernel 5.10, WireGuard VPN support, better security, and optimized NVMe SSD cache performance.

There is a DA Drive Analyzer, powered by a cloud AI engine, which helps predict the life shelf of the drives in use. The new QuFTP app makes it easier for users to fulfil personal and business transfers. QNAP is welcoming testers and other users to join the Beta Program and give feedback to improve it further.

The QTS 5.0 Beta Program

This link has full details about what the Beta Program entails. Here are some of the key new apps and features:

  • User interface optimization has ensured that the navigation is smoother with a comfortable design and guidance for first-time NAS installers. The search bar is included on the main menu to find apps faster.
  • The security is enhanced to support TLS 1.3, update QTS and apps automatically, while also providing the SSH keys for authentication to access secure NAS servers.
  • WireGuard VPN support is included through integration with a lightweight but reliable VPN provided by WireGuard so users can set it up easily to access secure connections when online.
  • The NVMe SSD performance is boosted using cache acceleration, to utilize storage more efficiently, while taking a load off memory resources.
  • Image recognition now uses Edge TPU, which in combination with QNAP AI Core (the AI-powered engine used for image recognition), makes QuMagie work faster in recognizing objects and faces, with QVR strengthening real-time video analytics to instantly recognize faces.

Other additions are:

  • The DA Driver Analyzer’s diagnostics are AI-powered
  • QNAP NAS can work as an FTP server with encrypted SSL/TLS connection, among other features that enable secure file transfer.