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The paid ChatGPT Plus is getting more functionality, OpenAI recently announced. Among other things, beta functionality has now been added for Web browsing and for more than 70 third-party plugins.

ChatGPT appears to be feeling the pressure placed upon it by Google and others in the AI race. It is therefore rushing to integrate new functionalities. For now, these are only available in its paid version ChatGPT Plus.

For this, among other things, web browsing functionality is now being made available in beta . This allows the intelligent chatbot tool to know when and how to search the Internet to answer questions. Especially when it comes to recent topics and events.

The intelligent chat tool’s model is still based on “old” data. This new functionality should help make the tool more current.

Plugins also in beta

More interesting, however, is the functionality now available in beta from now more than 70 third-party plugins. These plugins can extend the tool with functionality for Internet browsing, weather reports, help with online shopping and finding sports results, among others. These include plugins from Slack, Expedia, Shopify, Wolfram Alpha, Instacart, Klarna Bank, and OpenTable plugins.

Rollout functionality

In addition, OpenAI also announced how it will introduce new functionality into ChatGPT in the future. This will start with an alpha testing phase for selected users, followed by a beta for all users who have signed up for it and, finally, the final release for all users of ChatGPT.

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