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The startup calls itself “a true post pandemic company” and has already sourced $50 million in seed funding

DevRev made its launch debut this week amid much fanfare and industry buzz. The startup is the brainchild of Nutanix’s co-founder and former CEO, Dheeraj Pandey. DevRev describes itself as “a new business software company focused on bringing developers closer to customers and revenue.”

Pandey is working with early adopters aiming to make the product generally available in 2022. The startup launches with $50 million in seed funding. The company boasts a highly experienced leadership team headed by Pandey, who is widely hailed as an “industry superstar.”

“Every company is a software company”

Serving alongside Pandey co-founder Manoj Agarwal, former Nutanix SVP of engineering. Investors include Mayfield Fund, Khosla Venturesand several industry luminaries. DevRev has already recruited more than 75 people and aims to make itself “customer zero” this year.

“Today, every company is a software company, yet we isolate developers (dev) from customers and revenue (rev),” said DevRev CEO Pandey.

“By removing the bureaucracy between makers and consumers — with APIs, design, and an opinionated engagement model — we will empower devs to create customer-conscious products and businesses. That’s our mission: bring dev and rev together!”

“Being product builders ourselves, Dheeraj and I have both felt the pain in leaving developers in the back-office,” said DevRev Co-founder Agarwal.

“With a headless dev-centric CRM vision, we are looking to bring developers to the forefront of decision-making and real-time customer collaboration.”

Offering developers a “single unified experience”

The DevRev platform will help developers connect their code to production issues and customer interactions in a singular unified experience. The company’s offering will help developers create modern product-led growth (PLG) companies that are cloud-centric and service-oriented.

A true post-pandemic company, DevRev is remote-first and maintains purely digital operations. It uses social platforms to recruit talent, generate ideas, and build a community around its product.

The company is building its team in Austin, Bangalore, Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the San Francisco Bay area.