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After facing community backlash, Microsoft promises to undo the recent removal of the Hot Reload Functionality from .NET 6.

In short, .NET Hot Reload functionality allowed .NET developers to modify application source code while applications are running, enabling real-time monitoring of source code changes. Hot Reload support was available through the .NET SDK — until it suddenly wasn’t. Microsoft opted to exclusively facilitate the functionality through Visual Studio 2022, leaving .NET developers feeling robbed of a beloved, expected .NET 6 feature.

Aftermath and resolution

Many voiced their complaints. Even Microsoft employees joined in. Now, Microsoft acknowledges its mistake, stating it should have waited for a response from the community before removing the feature, for which an apology is offered.

Microsoft indicates that the Hot Reload functionality will be available again in the first-next edition of the .NET 6 SDK.

Tip: APIs are indispensable, but also pose a security risk