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Microsoft released a new Office Insider Preview Build 14822.20000 for Windows users to the Beta Channel of the Office Insider program. The new build comes with many fixes. Many of these fixes are aimed at Excel, Outlook, and Word.

The official changelog shows what changed. Here is a quick rundown:


The most notable fixes include:

  • There was an issue where comments were missing in Sidetrack but could be seen in the pane. The issue is resolved.
  • The team also fixed an issue where Zoom dismissed the contextual card on the live preview.


The notable Excel fixes include:

  • A fix for an issue where Excel could not export workbooks to XPS if the user had no export permission.
  • A fix for a performance problem that manifested when using automaton-based tools like accessibility tools and slicers.


Outlook had one notable fix that addressed an issue where removed shared calendars reappeared when the REST shared calendar feature was ‘on.’

For users who wish to update to the latest Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build, the process is quite simple. Open any Office program, click on the following steps; File- Account- Update Option- Update Now, and you should be on the latest version when the update completes.


Microsoft has still not gotten Android 11 out of the Surface Duo 1 and Android 12 for the Surface 2 Duo but is reportedly working on Android 12L for both devices.

A report from WC says that Microsoft is not planning to roll out Android 12 to either handset and will instead frog-leap to Android 12L, which is better-optimized for handsets with larger screens.

The update is currently undergoing testing at Google, with Microsoft involved in the development to some degree. The update is expected to roll out faster than Android 11 and will serve as the boot for Surface 2 Duo, which will not see a successor until at least next year.