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JavaScript recently conducted a study to find surprise low satisfaction rates for React JS.

The latest survey by JavaScript aimed to understand the criteria for the success of programming languages for thousands of developers worldwide. Over 23,000 participants expressed their views on various programming languages such as React, Angular, Vue.js.

However, the results of this survey have been criticized since more than half of the respondents were from the United States, and over 90% were male. But despite the possibly skewed results, some fascinating insight can be derived from this survey.

Survey standing

React programming language continues to be the most popular in terms of usage, and Angular and Vue.js closely follow it in approval. It is also the most well-known language with the highest awareness amongst developers. The only issue is that of user satisfaction.

React saw a decline in satisfaction with its library placing third. It ranked fourth behind Vue.js, Solid, and Svelte as interest has waned. Solid was seen as number one when it came to satisfaction and second for interest. Also, it was second last in terms of actual usage (behind Alpine.js and Ember).

What the people want

The good news is that the general consensus is that React is moving in the right direction. Most users would prefer the missing functionality of static typing.

React will soon be seen if it considers this suggestion or continues to push through with its lead in other aspects of the survey. React is still not last when it comes to satisfaction, but improving some aspects can easily make it the best programming language for developers.