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Micro Focus introduces ValueEdge. The platform fills the requirements for value stream management, a promising management technique that optimizes software development and delivery.

Value stream management (VSM) is not unique to Micro Focus. DevOps organizations use the management technique to optimize software development and delivery. VSM starts with an overview of all the development tools, cloud infrastructure and microservices involved in a software project. This overview allows individual components to be analyzed and improved. Each improvement contributes to the end result: a product.

VSM requires specialized technology. The challenge starts with an overview of all development tools (including open source), cloud infrastructure and microservices. The data from all components must be available to facilitate analyses. Preferably, AI performs the analyses. Whenever the analyses point to an area for improvement, the improvement must actually be implemented. Often, this concerns automation, which — once more — depends on the right technology.

Micro Focus seems to understand the technological prerequisites for VSM. The software giant is introducing the ValueEdge stream management platform to facilitate VSM for organizations.

ValueEdge stream management platform

The platform covers all the points mentioned above. An organization’s development pipeline is mapped and analyzed with AI. Automation tools enable the streamlining of deployments. Dev teams receive tools for model-based software testing, emulators for physical devices and insights for optimizing software.

Micro Focus developed 100 pre-built integrations for commonly used, existing tools. The platform is designed entirely for the cloud: its implementation is flexible and relatively fast.

The first version of the platform is available as of today. Later in the year, Micro Focus will introduce an extension of four new modules.

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