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Netgear has finally fixed deficient Orbi firmware in its latest update, which intercepts user access to the device’s admin console.

On April 27th, Netgear, a networking hardware company, launched a firmware update for the Orbi various models of mesh Wi-Fi systems, including RBR750, RBS750, RBR850, and RBS850.

The new update fixes the bad Orbi firmware, which limits the user activity to access the admin console of the device. After this release, users reported they couldn’t connect their router’s admin console through the Orbi app or web browser.

When the admin’s interface was shut down, the router was operating fine, and the user could ping the designated IP address to get a response. However, the user could not administer the router or any configuration adjustments.

Moreover, an author also shared a technique on May 6th to help users with this problem on the Orbi router. The only way the users could re-establish access to the admin console was to reset the router to the company’s default settings.

Sad to say, this method would not give them access to the console for backing up their configuration. A user would have to reconfigure the router from an initial point after the company resets it.

Netgear develops a solution

The Orbi users kept installing the firmware, and more people started to experience a similar problem which led Netgear to pull the firmware. After being three weeks late, Netgear has finally started sending out patches to afflicted users to fix this issue. On May 13th, Netgear admitted that they are well aware of this situation and are trying to address what’s causing this.

In the beginning, Netgear necessitates users to reach their support team and get a serial number for the device. Once a serial number is provided, the Netgear sends out a solution to affected devices, enabling access to the device’s admin console after its reboot. Netgear now reveals it is devising a fix for all the devices.