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Netgear released the Orbi 860 series of mesh routers and satellites. The mesh system supports multigigabit connections, wifi 6 and VPN functionality.

As a successor to the 850 series, the Orbi 860 series is designed to support next-gen network technology currently being deployed by operators and service providers. The latest iteration works well for multigigabit connections.

The Orbi 860 router features a 10Gb Ethernet port and tri-band wifi 6, which reliably hold connections at max speeds and minimal data loss and buffering. Wifi speeds peak at 6Gbps for up to 100 simultaneously connected devices.

In addition, the new Orbi RBK863 3-pack wifi mesh system offers up to 540 square meters of coverage, in part due to new antenna technology. Coverage can be expanded with additional Orbi RBS860 satellites.

Supporting software

The Orbi 860 series comes with a one-year subscription to Netgear Armor. The software includes security and VPN functionality, Smart Parental Controls and the Orbi App for remote (mobile) management.

Netgear’s Orbi 860 series is available in white and black. When bought separately, an Orbi RBR860S router or satellite costs about €500. A three-pack with one router and two satellites is available for €1300. The Orbi 860 series will be available from 2023.

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