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Dell Technologies and Red Hat launch joint solutions for OpenShift

Dell Technologies and Red Hat launch joint solutions for OpenShift

Dell Technologies and Red Hat are launching three joint solutions for OpenShift. The partners will build on their long-standing partnership.

Over the past 25 years, Dell Technologies launched multiple hardware solutions for Red Hat’s software. The current offering includes Dell Ready Stack for OpenShift, a combination of servers and network switches designed for OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes platform. The partners recently announced three new similar solutions.

Dell Validated Platform for Red Hat OpenShift

Dell Validated Platform for Red Hat OpenShift will be available from Sepember 30 onwards. The platform is aimed at organizations that want to deploy OpenShift on in-house Dell servers. The solution provides guidelines for deploying and configuring OpenShift on supported hardware. “Customers can get their on-premises infrastructure up-and-running faster”, Dell said.

Dell APEX Containers for Red Hat OpenShift

The second solution, Dell APEX Containers for Red Hat OpenShift, will be available to organizations in the United States from early 2023 onwards. Customers receive a managed, on-premises infrastructure for OpenShift. Although the systems run on the customer’s premises, Dell provides updates, configurations and maintenance.

“The service allows customers to meet their developers’ needs without having to build and manage their own physical infrastructure”, the organization explained. Dell confirmed that the solution will become available outside the United States at a later date, but did not provide a release date.

OpenShift in hybrid clouds

Although the third solution is yet to be named, its goal is clear. Dell and Red Hat are working on a joint solution for managing OpenShift in hybrid clouds. According to the organizations, the solution will allow users to deploy and manage a consistent version of OpenShift across multiple locations, from the public cloud to the edge.

“Close integrations will make it easier for organizations to develop applications once and deploy them everywhere under a common operating model”, Dell said. The organization expects to launch the solution within 2023.

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