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The release candidate for the 15th version of open-source relational database PostgreSQL offers more functionality for developers, including support for migrations from Oracle and SQL Server systems.

Open-source database PostgreSQL grew rapidly in recent years. The technology is regularly updated and incorporated into database as a service (DBaaS) systems.

Among other things, the new release candidate (RC) for PostgreSQL 15 brings a new MERGE implementation. This functionality allows developers and database administrators to insert, update and delete table rows based on specified conditions.

The functionality has long been available for Oracle and SQL Server, but was missing from PostgreSQL up until this point. As a result of the update, developers are less dependent on custom code when inserting processing table rows based on specified conditions.

Other functionality

In addition, the release candidate improves support for migrations from Oracle and SQL Server. The functionality is made possible by the ANSI compliance of both databases. Other new functionality includes logical replication, giving developers more control over the columns they want to exclude from replication. This is particularly beneficial for data security use cases.

Final release

Barring a few minor changes, PostgreSQL’s new release candidate is expected to be similar to the final release. The general availability of the final release is expected in mid-October 2022.

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