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Akamai and Macrometa partner to create an edge cloud ‘super platform’

Akamai and Macrometa partner to create an edge cloud ‘super platform’

The partnership aims to create a single platform for enterprise developers.

Akamai Technologies and Macrometa announced that they have struck a partnership to develop an Edge Cloud “super platform”.

Akamai actually led the funding round in Macrometa, a company that calls itself the “first-of-its-kind Global Data Network (GDN) and edge computing cloud”. The two concerns say that the deal represents “a new strategic equity investment” that will create a “go-to-market partnership and powerful product integrations”.

Macrometa founder and CEO Chetan Venkatesh told TechCrunch that its GDN enables cloud developers to run backend services closer to mobile phones, browsers, smart appliances, connected cars and users in edge regions, or points of presence (PoP). That reduces outages because if one edge region goes down, another one can take over instantly. Akamai’s edge network covers 4,200 regions around the world.

Helping run apps ‘seamlessly’ across edge and cloud

Akamai cloud computing based on Linode and EdgeWorkers combined with Macrometa’s Global Data Network (GDN) will help enterprise developers build, deploy and run global apps and APIs seamlessly across edge and cloud, the companies say.

“Developers will have access to the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform operating across 4,200 points of presence around the world, and Akamai cloud computing based on Linode regions, as well as AWS, GCP Azure, and telecom 5G networks”, they added.

“This integration is intended to fundamentally transform the way enterprise app builders architect and run real-time, data-driven web services and brings the Cloud and the Edge into a single, seamless multicloud/polycloud platform. Mobile apps, video streaming services, online multiplayer gaming and eSports experiences, e-commerce, SaaS, IoT, and more, will have access to the power to unleash next-gen services to users everywhere.”

Akamai EVP and CTO Robert Blumofe crystallised the reasoning behind the partnership. “Developers are fundamentally changing the way they build, deploy and run enterprise applications”, he said. “Velocity and scale are more important than ever, while flexibility in where to place workloads is now paramount.”

“By partnering with and investing in Macrometa, Akamai is helping to form and foster a single platform that meets evolving needs of developers and the apps they’re creating.”