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The VAST DATA enterprise NAS platform is now officially approved as a storage platform for Nvidia’s DGX SuperPOD AI development platform.

According to VAST DATA, its platform is the first NAS solution declared suitable for processing large volumes of AI and deep learning workloads. According to the high-performance (HPC) storage specialist, the approval now provides users with a certified data store for Nvidia DGX SuperPOD.

This should help them with scalable performance for machine learning and deep learning workloads, such as for generative AI solutions. This will make AI easier and faster to use, but also easier to manage, the thinking goes

VAST DATA has been working with Nvidia since 2016 to integrate (NAS) high-performance storage systems and AI solutions.

DASE architecture as the foundation

Under the hood, VAST DATA offers its own DASE architecture to further expand the capabilities of high-performance storage. This is to make data tiers and infrastructure silos a thing of the past, among other things.

Functionality provided by this architecture includes capabilities for encryption, authentication and external key management in addition to a data catalog. This is to better manage the management and security of data.

The multi-tenant architecture of the VAST DATA platform should provide providers of GPU services with the appropriate tenant domains to secure and isolate data, as well as provide QOS control capabilities.

In addition, VAST DATA systems provide cost savings and even better protection capabilities n-1 and 1-n replication technologies and up to 1 million ransomware-protected snapshots.

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