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The public sector plans to increase hybrid multicloud deployments fivefold over the next three years.

That’s according to research from Nutanix. By a hybrid multicloud, Nutanix means using the features of all clouds: private and public. The group that expects a fivefold increase in the survey also thinks the use of multiple public clouds is doubling. At the same time, they see the use of other infrastructure options, such as on-premises, declining over the period.

The biggest drivers for new infrastructure investments within the public sector are cybersecurity and data superiority. For example, they want to comply with national regulations for data storage and control. Those surveyed are less likely to cite cost as a driver.


In presenting the study, Nutanix does note that the public sector faces challenges across different environments. For example, data analytics and orchestration, data protection and recovery, and the cost of storage are the biggest challenges. The findings also show a lack of visibility of data and infrastructure. There is also room for improved availability of integrated tools for hybrid IT operations.

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