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Facebook is investing no less than 1 billion dollars in the construction of its first data center in Asia. This should be in Singapore and the opening is planned for 2022. The facility opens in the west of the island, where Google has just invested $850 million in expanding its data centers.

This will be our first data center in Asia, reported Thomas Furlong, the vice president of infrastructure and data centers on Facebook during a press conference in Singapore. The facility will open in 2022, depending on the speed of construction. Press agency Reuters states that the facility will have 170,000 square metres and that hundreds of jobs will be created.

Data centre in Asia

Facebook is building a data center in Asia to process the data of all its users there. It is estimated that CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has 546 million daily active users on the continent. That is about one third of the total number of active users of the social network.

Technical details about the data centre have not been disclosed. We do know that Facebook already has a number of data centres in the United States, Ireland and Sweden. Work is also underway on a data centre in Denmark, which should be opened in 2020. What is striking about Furlong’s statement is that the data centre is not specific to the country in which it is being built.

It is also interesting that Facebook would like to expand in China. There are still many opportunities for growth for the social network. However, if it wants to have users in China, a data center will have to be built in the country. Another problem is the Chinese government’s demand for censorship of tech companies.

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