Microsoft launches campaign for controversial cloud project U.S. government on

Microsoft seems to be doing its utmost to win a major cloud contract from the U.S. government. Just before the deadline for companies to bid on JEDI expires, the company emphasizes the certifications it has. With this, Microsoft seems to be doing everything in its power to win the contract.

Yesterday it appeared that Google would no longer participate in the cloud contract. The company decided that the ten billion dollars it could make with the ten-year project were not worth the criticism and rebellious employees. However, Microsoft does not mind and is now emphasizing its top secret certifications.

Pentagon on the cloud

The largest cloud companies in the United States, including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Oracle, all bid on the JEDI project. That’s an abbreviation that stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. Basically it is a project in which the Pentagon wants to switch to the cloud as much as possible.

The project only goes to one company, so the cloud provider that is finally chosen will have a pretty big responsibility. Google decided to leave the cloud project, saying that it did not fully fit into its AI principles and that it did not have certain government certifications.

Today, Microsoft states in a message that the company is about to be certified by the U.S. government to be able to handle top-secret data. This certification would be granted at the latest in the first quarter of 2019 and is necessary for companies to be able to process the most sensitive and confidential data.

Azure Government Secret

Microsoft also announced that it plans to expand its Azure Government Secretary service. When exactly the improved service should be available is not yet certain. Azure Government Secret is designed to help make a comprehensive cloud service and infrastructure available to U.S. government departments.

Incidentally, the Government Leaders Cloud Forum will take place on 11 October, an event by Microsoft at which CEO Satya Nadella will speak for governments that are connected to the Azure cloud.

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