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The cybersecurity division of Thales Nederland and data centre specialist Previder now jointly offer a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a cloud service. According to both providers, this will make SOC services available to more organisations, enabling them to further improve their security.

In concrete terms, both providers now offer the existing SOC facilities of Thales Netherlands as a managed service in the application that has now been delivered. It enables businesses that want to ensure their business continuity to gain immediate visibility into all activities across their entire IT infrastructure, both on-premise and within cloud-based environments. In this way, unwanted intruders are kept out of the door. The services of the Thales SOC focus on the detection of potential threats within corporate networks, ranging from hackers and malware to employees who may or may not consciously seek access to confidential information that is not intended for their eyes.

Detection is the most important component

Director of Cyber Security René van Buuren of Thales Nederland commented that the SOC presented now, in collaboration with Previder, offers various security models, from a low entry-level model to a fully managed SOC. According to the director, this gives companies the opportunity to expand the security level of their IT environments with intelligent threat detection of a very high level.

Detection is the most important component of a sound and modern cybersecurity strategy, along with careful analysis of the existing network and the preventive measures that every organization should take to prevent abuse. While with digital threats, every second counts, there are still companies that find out weeks, months or even years later that sensitive data has left the company. Our technology and experts work together to ensure that any activity that deviates from the standard is immediately identified and valued, so that our end users can take immediate action when it’s really necessary.

Collaboration useful

According to both suppliers, the cooperation that has now been entered into is important for end users. According to Previder’s director Tim Timmerman, the cooperation with Thales Nederland will ensure that the security of the IaaS services of the data centre specialist is independently monitored and tested. Not only are external dangers monitored in this way, but also those coming from within companies and organisations. In addition, the now available managed SOC now offers end users not only the assurance that the activities within the data centres they use are closely monitored, but also what exactly happens in the cloud services they purchase. In this way they are assured of a good security strategy.

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