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ServiceNow, which offers workflow automation software, has made another acquisition from there. It buys the startup FriendlyData, which has developed a natural language interface that allows people to search databases. The software will gradually be integrated into the Now platform.

The FriendlyData platform does exactly what it promises. It is an interface that allows employees without technical knowledge to submit a data query. This can be done in normal English, without the need for a special code or anything else. The software will eventually be added to the Now platform, which is a platform-as-a-service and automates the information technology infrastructure of customers.

Helping everyone

With this technical improvement, we want to enable everyone to easily make data-driven decisions, improve productivity and help companies move forward faster, said Pat Casey, SVP of development at ServiceNow in a statement. Interestingly, the acquisition could also fit in with the increasing use of voice-driven control. This is also increasingly being applied in the workplace, because it enables people to work faster. After all, people speak faster than they can type.

ServiceNow seems to have realised this, because in recent months it has taken over more and more companies that have something to do with natural language. ServiceNow, for example, took over Parlo earlier this year, which of course brings language to business systems so that machines can understand the nuance of human expressions. A few days later, ServiceNow’s first artificially intelligent chatbot was brought to the Now platform.

ServiceNow also acquired the software-as-a-service provider VendorHawk. Just before that, ServiceNow took over SkyGiraffe. This is a service that allows non-developers to develop simple software applications. The acquisitions made by ServiceNow therefore mainly serve to strengthen its platform; everyone should be able to use it, the underlying idea seems to be.

The amount of the acquisition is not known.

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