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Odysseus, an Amsterdam based consulting firm focusing on ServiceNow, IT Business and Project Portfolio Management, has been purchased by Deloitte. The 30-strong company will continue as a part of the Technology unit in Deloitte’s Consulting branch as of October 2021.

The service of ServiceNow is one of Odysseus’ spearheads. ServiceNow, a PaaS company with increasing popularity among the C-suite of organisations in various industries, develops and delivers platforms for digitising large-scale workflows.

Erik Nanninga, Consulting Leader Netherlands at Deloitte: “Companies like ServiceNow embrace all things digital and enable organizations to find new business models and reinvent operations. With the help of Odysseus, we improve our ability to achieve the latter.”

Better together

Sander Treur is the former owner of Odysseus and a brand new partner at Deloitte. The acquisition puts an end to the independence Odysseus has enjoyed since its inception (1999). In return, Odysseus will have more opportunity to impact clients’ transformation goals, says Treur. “It’s a good move. Better together.”

Deloitte and ServiceNow

Deloitte’s growth ambitions surrounding ServiceNow’s services should come as no surprise. ServiceNow’s revenue grew from zero to more than $4.5 billion in less than two decades. ServiceNow is a PaaS company; customers regularly depend on consultants to make the most of the PaaS. Thanks to the acquisition of Odysseus, Deloitte improves it’s ability to do so for it’s customers.

Tip: Nobody knows what ServiceNow does, or what it can do for you