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ServiceNow announced the acquisition of Era Software. The company develops observability and log management software. ServiceNow plans to add Era Software’s technology to Lightstep, its most important observability solution.

Era Software was founded in 2019. The startup grew rapidly in the past three years. The company recently accepted an acquisition offer from ServiceNow. The software giant plans to incorporate Era Software’s technology into Lightstep in the near future.

Era Software

EraStreams is one of the key products in Era Software’s portfolio. The solution allows users to develop log data pipelines without having to code.

Users select a data source and a destination, such as an analytics platform like Splunk. The pipeline can be configured to filter out all irrelevant log data before reaching the destination. EraStreams saves costs as a result. The pricing of analytics models is often based on usage. The less data you upload, the lower the license costs.

ServiceNow Lightstep

ServiceNow plans to incorporate Era Software’s technology into Lightstep. The observability solution was acquired by ServiceNow in 2021. Lightstep provides visibility into all of the systems, applications, services and platforms of an enterprise environment.

The solution integrates with all major cloud platforms. The technology understands various data formats, programming languages and network standards. As a result, Lightstep is capable of making logs, traces and metrics readable in a central environment. Organizations use the solution to identify IT problems and causes.


ServiceNow did not disclose the acquisition amount. The software giant announced that Era Software will be incorporated into Lightstep, but did not clarify whether Era Software’s technology will continue to be available separately.

“We are excited to join ServiceNow, as we further build a customer‑centric model of observability that can help transform the way people work”, commented Todd Persen, CEO and co-founder of Era Software.

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