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Google has launched Cloud Scheduler, a new automation service for its public cloud. This allows companies to carry out their maintenance and other technical operations at preset intervals.

Cloud Scheduler is a managed implementation of Cron, an open source tool that is used in databases and WordPress sites. It is designed to perform a small but important function: scheduling tasks so that employees do not have to perform them manually.


Google wants to make this system easier with its new product. It is a fully managed service, which means that engineers do not have to maintain the underlying infrastructure manually. It also includes automation functions to handle technical problems.

The first possibility is something the company calls “at-least-once delivery”. This ensures that a planned task is carried out at least once, so that engineers can be sure that important technical changes will be carried out. The mechanism also ensures that IT teams do not have to re-schedule failed tasks.

The second feature in Cloud Scheduler provides the ability to perform tasks across multiple cloud data centres. According to Google, this allows the service to perform tasks properly, even if one of the locations has technical problems.


The company believes that Cloud Scheduler can be useful for various use cases. Developers use Cron to schedule maintenance, database changes, email notifications and various other tasks. Cloud Scheduler also lets users schedule tasks for other Google Cloud services, as well as the workloads they run on the platform.

“Cloud Scheduler performs a task by sending an HTTP request or Cloud Pub/Sub message to a specific location with a repeated schedule,” said Vinod Ramachandran, product manager at Google. “The handler of that location performs the task and gives a response back. If a task fails, an error returns to Cloud Scheduler, which then tries to re-run the task until the maximum number of attempts is reached. If a task is scheduled, you can monitor it in the Cloud Scheduler UI and check the status of a task.”

Cloud Scheduler is immediately available as a beta for all users of the Google Cloud.

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