Nutanix provides companies in Beam with a complete overview of the cloud infrastructure

Nutanix provides companies in Beam with a complete overview of the cloud infrastructure

Nutanix has added a number of new features to Beam. This extends the cost view and optimisation possibilities for on-premise deployments. This gives Nutanix customers a complete overview and insight into their entire infrastructure, including their public and private clouds.

Beam now offers a global multi-cloud view, allowing customers to visualize cloud-related spending patterns in a single dashboard, making it easier to make decisions that lead to cost savings and ensure regulatory compliance. In doing so, Nutanix is responding to a recent study by the IDC, which showed that the great complexity of managing multiple environments means that companies sometimes achieve less good results than is possible.

Full overview

According to Nutanix, companies that focus on public cloud deployments and try to gain insight into what is being consumed often ignore the private cloud deployments. This creates an incomplete picture of the business infrastructure. Beam makes it easier to combine the two and still get a complete picture.

Not only does Beam provide a complete overview of all public cloud consumption, it also provides Nutanix customers with insight into how much they spend on each Nutanix cluster. A notification is also given when more software needs to be added, something the system does on the basis of consumption trends. This global perspective ultimately enables customers to manage their entire IT infrastructure environment.

More new features

In addition to current support for key public cloud platforms, providing customers with visibility and control over their public cloud deployments, the new added cost management support in Beam for Nutanix Clusters provides the following:

  • Unified governance for all clouds: CIOs and R&D leaders can centrally manage consumption for private, public and hybrid clouds, and make decisions about future consumption more efficiently.
  • Continuous cost optimisation: Beam performs intelligent analysis of cloud consumption trends to provide a list of product types and timeline for future purchases and to optimize cloud related costs for both private and public clouds.
  • Cost analysis at cluster level: Customers can see the costs of each Nutanix cluster and the costs of the software licenses for each cluster.

Sunil Potti, Nutanix’s Chief Product & Deployment Officer, states in a statement that companies need more overview in order to take advantage of the public and private cloud. This is the only way for companies to understand how they use their infrastructure, independently of the platform and in a single overview. Nutanix Beam now offers that insight so that customers can finally make informed decisions about their entire infrastructure.

Beam for Nutanix on-premises deployments will be available from the end of 2018. Prices will be announced around the release date.

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