Alibaba takes over German big data-startup Data Artisans

Alibaba takes over German big data-startup Data Artisans

Alibaba has acquired Data Artisans for 90 million euros, says TechCrunch. Data Artisans is a Berlin startup offering distributed systems and data streaming services for enterprises. The company was founded in 2014.

Data Artisans was founded by the team that developed Apache Flink, an open source large-scale data processing technology. The startup offers its own platform with open source Apache Flink and Application Manager to enterprise customers. These include Netflix, ING, Uber and Alibaba.

Alibaba has been working with Data Artisans since 2016. Under Alibaba, the startup can help companies reach “new horizons” with its open source technology. This includes ‘extending it to new areas that we have not yet explored’. “From now on, Data Artisans and Alibaba will jointly contribute to Apache Flink and accelerate open source Big Data,” says the founders of the startup.


Alibaba is going to offer its own in-house developments to Flink, called Blink, to the community. “Especially at a time when many open source technologies and companies decide to use a less collaborative and more closed approach, it is good to see that Alibaba remains committed to open source and to our mission,” says Data Artisans.

Alibaba chose to acquire Data Artisans because they have confidence in their collective ability to work even more on Flink, says Jingren Zhou, vice president of Alibaba. “It is the shared vision and effective working relationship that have brought the two teams together. We appreciate learning from each other and want to make the data processing open source community even more open and diverse.”

Zhou stressed that the technology will remain open source. “We have a strong partnership with Data Artisans since 2016 and always have the same passion to use the open source stream processing framework to bring together real-time, event-driven applications and real-time analytics. Both Data Artisans and we have participated in the Apache Flink community for many years with respect for the spirit of the Apache Software Foundation, and we want to continue to do so.”

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